What to expect when you’re expecting?

Pregnancy can come with a lot of uncertainties and if you are pregnant for the first time, you may hear a lot of myths and rumours about what can happen in pregnancy but FEAR NOT! Today’s post is going to be focusing on a few realities about pregnancy – in a later post, I will focus more on the different stages of pregnancy and birth.

Quick disclaimer – I haven’t yet had my own little cherubs, so this is written from a MIDWIFE’S PERSPECTIVE, okay? Great, let’s get to it! 


1) 1st Trimester is not always plain sailing?! 

Now may I add, not all of these realities will affect every pregnant woman; but they CAN happen. Your first trimester begins from the first week of pregnancy until your twelfth week of pregnancy. For all the lucky mothers and mums to be, who skated through the first trimester, looking and feeling great – kudos to you all! However, some mums can experience early pregnancy symptoms which can wreak havoc. Anything from insomnia, to morning (or all day) sickness to lack of appetite. Although these conditions do not seem major, they can become serious and make women feel very weak, demotivated and unwell. A side to pregnancy that not a lot of people acknowledge! Fear not though; there are some ways to try and combat first trimester problems – Keep well hydrated, eat little and often, rest when possible and seek medical advice when needed! Good luck beauties!

2) High risk pregnancy does not always mean high risk delivery! 

At the beginning of a pregnancy, most women attend their first booking appointment with a health professional to organise their plan of care throughout pregnancy, and determine whether they are suitable for low risk or high risk care. Some women may be classed as high risk due to existing conditions they have outside of pregnancy, and those they develop within such as chronic high blood pressure or pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. Although these women may have to been seen by obstetric doctors and consultants, this does not stop them from having a straight-forward normal delivery unless otherwise stated! Speak to your midwife and find out how!

3) Waiting times still do apply, sorry!

It is always annoying when your appointment is booked for a certain time, yet twenty minutes later, you’re still sat in the waiting area flicking through some magazine you’re not actually interested in….I feel ya! However, when it comes to your antenatal appointments, pleaseeee spare a thought for the midwife running the appointments! We try our utmost hardest to stick to the 15 minute slot, whilst doing the antenatal check, asking how you’ve been since we last saw you and answering your questions. It’s not easy but sometimes women do need that little bit extra…One day that may be you!

4) No question is a silly question!

First time mothers, and even fourth-time mothers all have questions for their midwives, doctors and/or GPs. Please don’t ever feel that a question is too silly or trivial to ask. We would rather answer your list of questions than have you sat at your laptop, picking out answers from Google or maternity forums and sending yourself into a panic. I am a sucker for googling my ailments and then freaking out lol, so again I feel ya! But on a serious note, bring your questions and queries to your appointments and let us give you the best advice!

5) Pregnancy is actually TEN months???

Yes, if you did not already realise – pregnancy is indeed ten months.. so why do we always say nine months?  At thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy, or nine months, you are classed as “term”, meaning it is safe for your baby to deliver as the unborn fetus is expected to be fully matured. However, pregnancy CAN safely continue to 42 weeks which is ten and a half months! Ask your health professional about what happens if you go past your due date!

6) It will all be worth it!

Now this may seem obvious, but throughout your pregnancy, there may be slight hiccups or moments where it seems like the weeks of pregnancy are never ending, BUT always remind yourself of what is waiting for you at the end of it all – a beautiful, bundle of love, hope and joy!!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next post;

Love Jay x 

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