Blood, Sweat & Tears….Literally

My three years spent at Middlesex University as a student midwife can be broken down and illustrated by Theme park rollercoasters. Now first year was a bit like Tidal Wave. Pretty straight-forward, but three months in, we were being let loose in the hospitals and community which was terrifying – a bit like being at the peak of the ride then suddenly you’re falling, you can’t stop yourself and then BAM! the shock really hits you…You’re actually a student midwife. Shit.

Second year was a bit all over the place – similar to Nemesis Inferno. During the middle year, you have to work in different areas such as nursing, special care baby unit and gynaecology. So when the time came to return to midwifery, I felt a bit all over the place – but knew that I wanted to do nothing but midwifery (Big respect to all the nurses out there!).

Third year….lol…just lol. Third year was like Rita, Queen of Speed – that super quick rollercoaster at Alton Towers. The first three months of our final year were easy and simple – like waiting for the ride to take off. Exciting because you knew the end was nigh. Then once the new year arrived…BLOODY HELL. It just took off. Assignment after assignment. Practical after practical. I couldn’t keep up and seriously wondered how the heck I would be able to complete all my requirements on time. Thankfully I did. When students ask me about dissertations and practical exams, I shudder at my own memories but use them to encourage our future midwives to not make the same mistakes I made…

So, I’ve put just a few tips below to help those at University, or those about to start their Uni chapter (student midwife or not!):


  • Surround yourself  with supportive people – I swear, I don’t know what I would’ve done with my girls at uni. Many a breakdown would’ve been had. 
  • Get your assignments done on time – It sounds so cliche, but time management is so so crucial on any program. Take it from me, you’ll be less stressed if you complete it in a timely manner! 
  • Prepare yourself for the blood, sweat and tears – Literally. This point is for my student midwives/nurses out there. It’s gritty. It’s real. It’s raw. You have to have, or develop motivation and resilience to complete the course. It is in no way easy, but it is so damn worth it! 
  • Save your pennies! – Now I can’t really talk much about this topic because I’ve only just started saving money (2 years after finishing uni smh). Where you can, cut back on spending and save your bursary or loan money. Yes, Dominos and Chinese take out DOES sound appealing, but doesn’t a hefty bank account sound so much better?
  • Remember who you are! – It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with university work, especially on courses such as midwifery. Dealing with shift work, exams and essays can really weigh you down, but TRY and maintain a balance between studies and your social life. When possible, go out, have fun and make memories because you won’t get those days back. Work hard, play harder! 

Andddd we’re done! With my droopy eyelids and today’s make-up still intact, I shall end this here and prepare myself for bed…

One love, 

Jords x 

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