Here, I have provided some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked while at work and in the community by mothers, fathers and families alike! Scroll to see if some of your questions are answered – New FAQs will be added regularly:

  • At what stage will I feel my baby move?

Depending on which number pregnancy this is for you, some mothers begin to feel first movements as early as 16 weeks and some mothers do not experience movements until 20-22 weeks. Beginning movements may feel like a flutter, or rolling within your tummy. (RCOG, 2012).

  • Can I give my baby a bottle?

No one can tell you how to feed your baby. If you wish to bottle feed, you are free to do so. It is however important to understand safe preparation of formula milk and ensure your baby is feeding adequately.

  • What should I do if I haven’t felt my baby move as much as he/she normally does?

If you ever feel concerned about your baby’s movements – as in they have changed or reduced, please contact your midwife/obstetrician and/or head to your maternity unit to be assessed.

  • My newborn sneezes a lot. Is that normal?

Sneezing, like in adults, is completely normal. Babies use this mechanism to rid their airways of mucus and congestion, which can make them less likely to feed.